Our wedding party

Coming from Northern California, Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina, meet our AMAZING wedding party!

Chelsea's attendants
  • Kendall Scott, Maid Of Honor
    Kendall and I met our junior year at The University of Colorado at Boulder. We both grew up in Irvine, attending rival high schools. Our passion for sports and Boulder truly brought us together. Kendall received her Masters from Chapman University and is a Speech Language Pathologist at Beach Kids Therapy Center. She currently lives in Irvine, CA. MOH and Partner in Crime. <3
  • Shaena Cushman, Bridesmaid
    I met Shaena our freshman year at The University of Colorado at Boulder where we both joined Alpha Chi Omega. Our friendship continued to Southern California after graduation, stronger than ever. She is now living in Los Angeles and works for The Happiest Baby on the Block.
  • Cheris Kline, Bridesmaid
    I met Cheris during Greek Rush, standing in the freezing cold outside of Alpha Chi Omega our freshman year at the University of Colorado at Boulder. We were roommates since the beginning, and left senior year as roommates for life. Cheris works as a consultant in Kansas City but is from and currently lives in Denver, CO.
  • Meghan Sobel, Bridesmaid
    Meghan (AKA Plummy) and I met our freshman year at Boulder, were both in Alpha Chi Omega, the same dorm, and finished our college career living together as Seniors.. Meghan is currently attending The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill working on her PHD in Journalism with a focus on international media coverage of human trafficking.
  • Krista Hutchison, Bridesmaid
    Krista and I met in Junior High and went to Woodbridge High School together. I was honored to have been a bridesmaid of hers in October and I can honestly call her my sister. Krista has built an amazing life with her husband Ryan and are now living in Scottsdale, AZ.
Dave's attendants
  • Derek Klescewski, Best Man
    Derek and I became friends around the age of 5 growing up in Northern California. Derek now lives in Berkeley, CA.
  • Jeffrey Roy, Groomsman
    I met Jeff my first day of college in Boulder. Jeff lives in Denver, CO.
  • Rob Dennis, Groomsman
    I met Rob while in college in Boulder. Rob lives in Boulder, CO.
  • Bryan Tayefeh, Groomsman
    I met Bryan my first day of college in Boulder. If that sounds familiar it's because Bryan and Jeff were roommates when I met them. Bryan now lives near San Diego, CA.
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